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Hello. We're Gamtek
and we provide IT consultancy in london
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Gamtek now offers a completely free recycling service to all our clients in our effort to promote green business. We know that technology moves fast & becomes obsolete very quickly. So if you have to make way for new hardware, we will tidy up for you & recycle your old hardware so you can carry on working, faster.

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We're a web, IT & design company operating in North West London, helping small & medium businesses, consumers & families with all their IT needs.

We're technology enthusiasts here at Gamtek. We've been working with computers, hardware & gadgets for years, because we enjoy what we do. From building a PC with the must have intel 486 cpu in the early 90's, to downloading app's on the iphone today, at Gamtek we have always been in touch with technology.

We understand how IT has become essential in our day to day work & social lives, from keeping in touch with your clients with an email, catching up with friends on twitter or watching that TV episode you missed on BBC iplayer. We can plan, supply & support your office or home IT so you can do what it is you do with the web.

We also like design at Gamtek, for old or new media, print or web. We are happy to take on your project, so if you need a logo or a web site, let us know & we can put something together.

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